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Alternate Dispute Resolution Workshop Report
Raise awareness of ADR tools (Arbitration & Mediation) for working business sectors in Dubai. Participants will gain more information about the Chamber’s services of resolving disputes.
Dubai Chamber (Legal Services Dept.)
Dubai International Arbitration Centre ( DIAC).
Date, Time & Venue
28th January
09:00 am – 12:30 pm
Dubai Chamber Building, 15th Floor (Small Banquet Hall)
Participation Fees
Target Group
Lawyers & legal Consultants
Ms. Taghrid Mohammed Al Sharif
Legal Researcher
Legal Services Department
Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Dr. Hussam Talhuni
Dubai International Arbitration Centre
At the event:
The woks shop was seen a great success, it was well organized, the programme run on time, the presentation were very informative and helpful. The discussion afterward was very active and the participants raised many important question related to the arbitration and mediation.
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