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DIAC Statute Rules Number (10) of 2004 (amended in 2009)

General Provisions

Article (1)
The following words and phrases shall have the meanings assigned thereto unless the context indicates otherwise:

  • The Ruler : His Highness Ruler of Dubai.
  • The State : The United Arab Emirates.
  • The Emirate : Emirate of Dubai.
  • The Centre : Dubai International Arbitration Centre.
  • The Rules : The Statute Rules of the Centre.
  • Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution : methods of settling commercial disputes outside litigation. These include conciliation, arbitration and other methods as specified by the rules and by-laws of the Centre.
  • Board of Trustees : Board of Trustees of the Centre.
  • The Committee : Executive Committee of the Centre.
  • Director of the Centre : Director of administration.

Article (2)
Establishment of the Centre
A Centre shall be established for the settlement of commercial disputes under the name of “Dubai International Arbitration Centre” that will have a corporate identity and shall be financially and administratively autonomous. The Centre shall have its seat in Dubai.

Article (3)
Objectives of the Centre

  1. The Centre aims mainly at providing services of settling national and international commercial disputes through conciliation, arbitration and other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution in accordance with the rules and by-laws issued under the provisions of this Statute or the rules agreed upon between the parties of the dispute;
  2. Providing consultations and services that are required for carrying out the procedures relating to the settlement of national and international commercial disputes;
  3. Promoting and developing cooperation between the Centre and other Arbitration Centres;
  4. Promoting awareness of the methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution through conferences, symposia, workshops, training courses, specialist publications and printed material and by other means.

Article (4)
Rules and By-laws

  1. The Board of Trustees shall set down the Rules of Conciliation and of Arbitration to be issued upon a decree by the Ruler;
  2. Procedures for other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution shall be regulated under the by-laws issued by the Board of Trustees;
  3. The Board of Trustees shall issue by-laws which regulate the administration of the Centre including by-laws regulating electronic communication mechanisms, membership fees and conditions, fees for registering cases and any other fees.

Article (5)
Organizational Structure
The organizational structure of the Centre shall consist of the following:

  1. Board of Trustees,
  2. Executive Committee,
  3. Administrative Body.
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