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Federal & Local Laws Concerning Arbitration in UAE
The UAE Civil Procedure Code, Federal Law No. (11) of 1992
Chapter (IV)

"Execution of Foreign Judgments"

Article (235)

  1. Judgments and orders passed in a foreign country may be ordered for execution and implementation within UAE under the same conditions provided for in the law of foreign state for the execution of judgments and orders passed in the state.
  2. Petition for execution order shall be filed before the Court of First Instance under which jurisdiction execution is sought under lawsuit filing standard procedures. Execution may not be ordered unless the following was verified:-
    1. State courts have no jurisdiction over the dispute on which the judgment or the order was passed and that the issuing foreign courts have such jurisdiction in accordance with the International Judicial Jurisdiction Rules decided in its applicable law.
    2. Judgment or order was passed by the competent court according to the law of the country in which it was passed.
    3. Adversaries in the lawsuit on which the foreign judgment was passed were summoned and duly represented.
    4. Judgment or order had obtained the absolute degree in accordance with law of the issuing court.
    5. It does not conflict or contradict with a judgment or order previously passed by another court in the State and does not include any violation of moral code or public order.

Article (236)

  1. Provisions of the preceding Article shall apply to the arbitration decision passed in foreign countries. Arbitration decisions must be passed on a matter which may be decided on by arbitration according to the law of the country and must be enforceable in the country it was passed in.

Article (237)

  1. Attested documents and conciliation reports authenticated by Courts in foreign countries may be ordered to be executed in the State under the same conditions provided for the execution of similar orders and reports passed in the UAE as stated in the law of the foreign country.
  2. Execution order referred to in the preceding para shall be requested vide a petition filed with the execution judge. Execution order may not be passed unless the conditions for the implementation of such document or report were verified to have been met in accordance with the laws of the country in which it was attested or authenticated and after verifying it to be free from any thing in violation of moral code or public order.

Article (238)

  1. Rules provided for in the preceding Articles do not prejudice rules and regulations provided for in conventions signed between the UAE and other countries in this respect.

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